Thursday, March 25, 2010


Mexico was a BLAST the resort we stated at was so pretty and had so much to do there. The beach was so much fun to I love to play at the beach!!!!
We went with Jorden, David, Holly and Mike. It was so nice to see everything green and not white or dead :) and it was so warm besides the day it rained it was a little nippie. Other than

that it was so nice... The Ocean was so fun and warm. I wish the ocean was right out my back door I would swim everyday I love it so much!

We all had so much fun and ate great food I cant wait to go back!!!! Maybe little Hunter can come this time I have been missing him so much he has been at my mom's spending quality time with grandma and grandpa I could not go get him till sat because I have had to work all day since I have been home and he would have had to be at a babysitter's all day anyways so I fugure he could just stay there a few more day's. Im so ready for him to be home, it is so quiet around the house I hate it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hunter & My Trip To AZ

Hunter and I went to Az with my dad to see my brothers. While we where out there we seen all my other family too. My Aunt Mandie and Jamie had a dinner for us so we all could get together and see everyone. It was so good to see the rest of my family. Also it was so nice to get away from the cold weather it was so nice and warm there we where loving it. Then we had to come home to the cold weather. While we where there we also went to the Zoo with Rose Grandma Smith, Isha and her boyfriends son. The Zoo was so much fun I don't know who liked it more me or Hunter. It was really good to come home though. Here are some pics of the things we did.
Hunter feeding the fish some bread with Mark, Trent, Rylin

Hunter and the Tortoise

Checking out the Goat's , Hunter didn't know what to think about the Goats he didn't love them so much the kinda stunk too lol. He would not even touch them.

Grandma Smith & Hunter with the baby deer

Feeding the Giraffe, I think I loved this more than Hunter It was so cool you could feed them little pelt things and they would stick there tongue out and wait for you to drop the food on there tonuge it was the highlight of my day lol!!

Look at that cute little Leamur Love them he is so so cute!!!
Hunter loving the Zoo, he was watching the ducks eat. You could buy food for them and feed them he loved watching them.
Cory & my Dad with Cory's snake

Hunter and Cory's Snake, Hunter thought it was so cool!

All the cousins

Rylin & Hunter

Aunt Rose & Hunter

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's A Boy!!!

I'm so excited My brother Cory is going to be having a boy in Aug I cant wait... Congratulations Rose and Cory Love you guy's

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Whitney!!!

Happy Birthday Whit, hope you have a great day...

Love you girl!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hunter's 1st Birthday Party

Hunter had his 1st birthday party on Saturday. My mom made his cake and I helped a little. She did such a good job with it. (Thank you Mom for all your help with is party) At first I thought he was going to be mad at his party he woke up from his nap a little crabby. As soon as people started showing up he put his happy pants on. He loved opening all his gift's. Then we let him have his own cake he didn't quite know what to think about that, but then he got into it and had cake all over.

This picture was taken on his birthday (1-7-2010) he was not the happiest camper. We took his bottle away so he was not happy about it all. Poor little boy. He is doing so good without his bottle now. The fist night we took it away he went to bed great for Chase and I then he woke up

at 1:30 and wanted his bottle he cried and cried then feel back to sleep. I felt so bad. Now he goes to sleep with just a sippy cup and water and sleeps the WHOLE NIGHT!!! YAY for me... It makes me so happy. I thought this day would never come :) He does really good when he takes naps too. I think he is getting use to the idea of just having a sippy cup.

Well I have updated you on eveything that has been going on in the Henline Family. Hope all is going well forevery one!

Christmas & New Year's

Christmas and New Year's was really fun this year Hunter was so cute. We had so much fun watching him open this gifts.
Hunter's 4-wheeler he got from Grandpa Marty and Aunt Taryn
Uncle Craig Bought Hunter a little cricket for his fist Christmas and his first birthday. He did the same for Stetson so we got a pic with them together. Thanks Uncle Craig!

Hunter Unwrapping his presents

He was way more interested in everyone stuff :)
We had a great New Years we hung out at home and had some friend's come over, played game's and ate good food.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hunter is ONE!!!

Where has the time gone? I cant believe he is one it seems like just yesterday that he was born and he was so tiny. Now he is in to everything and talking back lol. He has been so much fun and we love him so much Chase and I enjoy watching him and his personality grow. We are going to have his birthday on Sat so my Grandma and Grandpa Vencill can make it. We are just going to have a family party and some cake and ice cream, let him have his very own little cake, and let him open his presents. I will make sure I post pic's of his party. Miquel made his cute little invites and she did such a good job. I texted her and asked her if she could make his invitations for me and the poor girl was having contractions and still made them for me and I didn't even give her a lot of time. She had them all nice and ready the next day. She is a hand thank you Miquel.
I hope Hunter's birthday gets better for him. We went to the doc yesterday and he had to get his shot's and he also has to do breathing treatment's for his cough he has. I thought today was going to be a really go day for him. When he woke up this morning I went in to get him and the first thing he always says is "HI" so cute. So he had himself some breakfast and took a bath and had a breathing treatment which he hates. He cries the whole time it is so sad. Then he went to Grandma Dixie's while I went to clean my dad's house. When I went to get him they where rocking and she was singing to him. Grandma has a song for everything :) she said he was not feeling so good and he was a little hot. So when we got home he took a little nap and when he woke up he was still sad. He is at his Aunt Taryn's for the afternoon while I am working so I hope is day is going better. When I called to see how he was feeling Taryn said that they where just sitting there watching Dora.
I have been slacking on the updating the ole blog thing so I will get it all caught up soon. Mom and Dad Love you Hunter I hope you have a great birthday little boy!!!